The Torah Ark is the central focus of a synagogue sanctuary.  A parochet, also commonly referred to as paroches, is the Torah Ark curtain that is hung and displayed in prominent fashion before the ark’s doors.

Talit4you innovation for design and craftsmanship has become a beloved feature in synagogues worldwide.  The team at Talit4you grasps the significance the parochet plays along with its intrinsic value. Our Jewish embroidery designs combine modern appeal with traditional Jewish motifs, such as gate pillar designs and arch designs, which inspire the gates of heaven open to accept prayers, or a crown as the central theme, hinting to the glory of G-d and his kingship.  

Your paroches can be uniquely yours – we will guide you from sketching your dream to adorning it with the fabric and embellishments of your choice. You can commission a parochet from the parachot featured here, or use them as an inspiration for the parochet for the aron kodesh that you envision.