How many letters are there in a Sefer Torah?

Each Sefer Torah contains 304,805 letters.

The purchase of a letter in a Sefer Torah constitutes a very great merit.

This merit helps unite all the children of Israel and testifies that they are all part of one people and cherish a single Torah.

Acquiring a Sefer Torah has the power to save, protect and bring blessing and success.

What is a Sefer Torah?

The Sefer Torah is the holiest object of the people of Israel.

The Torah is the gift that Gd gave us at Mount Sinai.

We have studied it for thousands of years, we observe its Mitzvot and live by its teachings.

 The Sefer Torah is written with holiness and purity by a scribe (called Sofer STAM in Hebrew - the Hebrew letters סת״ם correspond to the initials of the words Sefer Torah, Tefillin, Mezuzah) specialized in holy scripture and fearing Hashem.

The Sofer uses special ink and writes with a quill on parchment made from the skin of a kosher animal.

Each letter must be written with great precision.

The holy scrolls of the Torah are placed respectfully in the Holy Ark (Aron kodesh) provided for this purpose, in the compound of the synagogue.

The gift of a new Sefer Torah to the synagogue is often the occasion for a joyful celebration with songs, dances and prayers.

This usage dates back to the first Bet Hamikdash. : the Torah says that the Cohanim and even King David "danced before the Ark" or "before Hashem", which means that they danced, celebrated and prayed before the Ark of the Covenant where the word of God was .

On certain special days, Shabbos and feast days,

we read in the Sefer Torah in public.

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