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     19 ס"מ

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    Kippot in white or black satin (for wedding) One Size Ideal to offer a wedding, you have the opportunity to customize them just click on '' personalization ''. At the bottom of the page, you are asked to write your text for a stamp inside the Kippa or for an embroidery on the Kippa.

    From 8 ₪ Tax included
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  • כולל מס 20 ₪ כולל מס

    We offer you several sizes of Tsitsit threads to tie on your Talit Katane or on your Talit Gadol (prayer shawl). The Tsitsit are handmade and their ends are reinforced by special glue allowing a better maintenance of the threads Each package contains 16 threads to tie the 4 corners of the Talit.

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    Our Adar Kippot are made in Israel. Our Kippot are top quality. In velvet black or navy blue according to your choice. You want to embroider your child's name on the kippot, on our site it is possible. You are looking for another product and you can not find it on our website contact us on 0177502425. We will be happy to help you.

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